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Early Dutch migrants that arrived in the late 1940’s had made several attempts to establish Dutch clubs in WA, such as the Dirck Hartog Society and the Australian Dutch League, but these all disbanded but after a short while none of these clubs continued. During the early 1950’s the Dutch migrants arrived in larger numbers and although many got on with starting a new life here, they all still desired the Dutch culture and social life.

In order to enjoy some of those experiences, many clubs were formed. Some of these were the Windmills Soccer Club, several Klaverjas Clubs, two Ladies Choirs, Male Voice Choir, Repertory Club Elckerlijc, Hollandia Biljard Club, Dam Club King Damas, The King Street Dance Club, several Church Organisations and even a Credit Union.

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This online catalogue is in dedication of Mies Devilee who sadly passed away on September 2nd 2019. With an online presence of this catalogue, Neerlandia tries to extend Mies’s dedication and passion to get books into people’s hands, as each library item is now easily viewable and borrow-able by Neerlandia members. Please enjoy our collection Often we get kind requests from the public if we are interested in donations of Dutch books or DVD’s for our library. Due to our limited space and our focus on the younger generation, we can currently only accept small amounts of books and DVD’s for kids and young adults. If your materials don’t fall in this category, we kindly recommend that you donate your materials to one of the Op shops of the Save the Children Charity.