Neerlandia Young Professionals

Neerlandia Young Professionals

It will be a place for young professionals with an interest in or heritage with the Netherlands, who want to network with fellow Young Professionals or are looking for a mentorship.

Information: Machiel van der Stelt [email protected] You can also visit our Facebook Page:

Neerlandia Electronics and Software Innovation Club

An electronics & software playground for Neerlandia & Rhein Donau children of all ages. Teaching engineering principles, business skills & unite members. Contact Machiel for more information via [email protected] You can also visit our Facebook Page:

Neerlandia Juniors’ Club

The Neerlandia Junior’s Club has a wide variety of activities throughout the year, Such as ice skating with Pea soup and hot chocolate, Dutch movies, Magical shows, cooking lessons. For more information please contact Machiel via [email protected] or visit