The Neerlandia 2021 AGM

The Neerlandia AGM will be held at Morley Windmills. When: On Sunday 24th October at 2.00pm.
Doors open at 1.00 pm.

In accordance with Neerlandia’s Constitution, all positions will be declared vacant at the 2021 AGM.

The sitting Committee Members are:

President Eric van Waaijenburg
Vice-President Machiel van der Stelt
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Henry Koldenhoven
Committee Members (6): Henk Oorschot, Toon Kamps, Hanny Kamps Karin
Eastwood-Helder, Alida Reitzenstein & John Zwartkruis.

”Members Nominations for the entire Committee are now called for and must be received by our Secretary before the 26th of
September 2021 (Closing date is 28 days before the AGM)”.
The Nominations Forms are available from Committee Members. Please note that candidates can only nominate for 1 position on the Committee. (Contact details on page 27 of the Neerlandia magazine).

The following sitting Members have re-nominated for their same

President: Eric van Waijenburg
Vice-President: Machiel van der Stelt
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Henri Koldenhoven
6 Committee Members: Karin Eastwood-Helder, Toon Kamps, Hanny
Kamps, Alida Reitsenstein & John Zwartkruis.

Members attending the AGM will receive a drink voucher.
Eric van Waaijenburg.